Termites are mostly the problem of most of the homes in many areas. These worms eat the wood and destroy not only the furniture but all kinds of the wood works. It is difficult to get rid of these and these keep on coming back therefore, there are some natural remedies which help you eliminate these insects and some of these are mentioned below:


These are the kind of the worms who eat the termites. Many people buy these from the market and then they leave these at the area of the house where the termites in Geelong are residing. These are very efficient for killing the termites and a very quick solution as well.

Use of vinegar:

The vinegar works as good anti-bacterial and therefore, you could generally use it to clean your furniture but if you want to use the vinegar to kill the termites then all you got to do is squeeze two lemons and add half cup of the vinegar in it. Mix it well and put in the spray bottle. Then you could use this spray on the areas and the furniture where you think that the termites are residing. In order to kill all the termites, you need to use this spray daily.

Borates and Orange Oil:

Borate is the borax that you use in the cleaning of your clothes but this could also be used for killing the termites. You could use it directly on the affected areas or you could even mix it in the water to make the spray and spray it regularly to kill maximum of the termites. Just like this you could also use the orange oil to kill the termites and this oil could easily be bought from the garden stores. One good benefit of the orange oil is that you could spray it even before the termites are there which means that its stops the termites from coming

Wet a cardboard:

The termites are attracted towards two things, one is the cellulose and the second is the water. Therefore, wetting a cardboard mean that you are inviting the termites for the feast. The one benefit of this technique is that all the termites in your house no matter where these are will gather on this one spot giving you an easy target. Once these gather you could spray these off or you could even take and dump it in the garbage far away from your house.

Put your furniture in the open:

The termites cannot survive direct sunlight and heat and therefore, if you think that some furniture is getting eaten by the termites then what you could do is put this furniture under sunlight for some time to kill the termite.

How Can You Get Rid Of The Termites Naturally?

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